Malolos City, The Philippine Islands – “Enriching. This was a profound testament of how music can bring people together to create magic.” says Island Rock Entertainment (IRE)™ Executive Producer, MRD, trying to remember that night.
IRE Creative Producer, Allen Alesna, remarked: "This was a truly historical gig. From Bulacan, Manila, Alabang & Cebu, artists converged to form a rock congress of sorts… and Malolos was the perfect setting for all this to happen. Here we make history. Here we see the future."
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June 26, 2010, on a rainy Saturday night, IRE, in very close partnership with Bulacan powerhouse The MOB Music (The Movement for Original Bulacan Music) and local indie radio station WAP 88.7 FM, gave birth to a monster called The Island Rock Show 6: Sariwain.
The entire show was recorded live in The Outlook Bar, where droves of fans, friends and supporters came to experience the best of independent music in Bulacan. At the helm of this show was pop-jazz-rock band Dream Carousel.
"Tremendously moved. One hell of a show! Gigging doesn’t get any better than this"- Jam, Dream Carousel

Dream Carousel took the crowd back in time with their original but nostalgia-infused music, including These Little Things, Love Parade, Merry-Go-Round and of course, the show’s namesake Sariwain.
Playing before Dream Carousel were some of Bulacan’s best and key artists of The MOB Music: Mojo Rising, Popseeds & Blind Stereo Moon.
As an added bonus, other Island Rock artists from Bulacan, Manila, Alabang & even Cebu were present to jam with the group or simply lend their moral support. Present that night was Shelterr (IRS1), Speakeasy (IRS2), Black Summer (IRS3), Sundown Caffeine (IRS2), Bluewish, Capoeira, Stoplight Go, Junction and White Sunday.
"IRS is the beginning of something bigger than any band who’s ever into indie music, and has the makings of true revolution in the Pinoy music industry…What can I say? It was one hell of a show…and guess what, we’re all part of it."- Joel, Mojo Rising
"It was like bridging two places, people with music. North Musi-Kenyos meets South Bis-Rockers!"- Mark, Popseeds
"LEGENDARY. The Island Rock Show transcends genres and geographic boundaries to make one big happy indie music scene. IRE also has this knack for bringing great music and great people together. More power!"- Julie, Blind Stereo Moon
Dream Carousel is:Jam Hilario – Vocals
Allan Vergel de Dios – Drums
Mark Tolentino – Guitar
JP Ignacio – Bass Guitar
Roel Dela Cruz – Trumpet
To know more about Dream Carousel, visit their Myspace Page or their Facebook Page.
The Island Rock Show is a series of concerts that celebrates only the very best of independent music.
Watch out for The Island Rock Show 7 where we will take you to the final frontier… to find pure gold.

The Island Rock Show. It’s an experience.