Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Parañaque City, The Philippine Islands – “It seems that rock and roll gets better the second time around”, says Island Rock Entertainment (IRE) creative producer, Allen Alesna.

SHELTER - the beginning2 
Last November 14, 2009, IRE held its sophomore concert dubbed The Island Rock Show 2: Speak Your Mind. The show took place at one of the South's best venues, Checkpoint Louie's, and was designed to suit the taste and style of the rising indie rock group, Speakeasy. 
Checkpoint Louie's was tightly packed with the band's supporters, family and friends, some of whom had their very first wonderful taste of Speakeasy music. 

Speakeasy lifted the crowd off its feet as they performed their most popular tunes, including Light a Cigarette, Pickle Tickle, You and Killing Time.
The band was heralded by powerful front performances by Eric Feliciano and Sundown Caffeine.
IRS 2b

When we talked to them before the show, Speakeasy reported being ecstatic about serving as main act for the night. "We even flew in our drummer Edward from Cebu just for this night", said bassist Dean Hermano.

Speakeasy frontman, John Hermano, said of the show: “Absolutely fantastic! This is what a real rock show looks like... simple, well-planned, straight in-your-face good music and LOTS OF BOOZE!”
Speakeasy is
Dean Hermano - bass guitar, vocals
John Hermano - lead vocals, guitar
Wardy Andres - drums, vocals
Hem Rigonan - guitar, vocals

To know more about Speakeasy, visit their Myspace Page or their Facebook Page.
The Island Rock Show is a series of concerts that celebrates only the very best of independent music.
See more photos of the show here
IRE would like to thank the the following sponsors and media partners for their sincere support:
1. Underground Radio 105.9
2. The Independent Asian Music Television (i-amtv)
3. Indie Pinoy
4. Radio Pilipinas
5. Jam Alley
6. Magna Kultura Foundation
7. Agimat Music
Watch out for The Island Rock Show 3 this December. Details to follow.
The Island Rock Show. It's an experience.